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Feel free to share any questions or concerns you may have before booking your stay.


We're here to assist you and ensure your experience with us meets your expectations.


Your satisfaction is our priority, so don't hesitate to reach out with any inquiries.


Feel free to share any questions or concerns you may have before booking your stay.


We're here to assist you and ensure your experience with us meets your expectations.


Your satisfaction is our priority, so don't hesitate to reach out with any inquiries.


Our deluxe desert camp distinguishes itself through the seamless integration of premium accommodations, exquisite dining, and tailored service set against the stunning backdrop of the Sahara landscape.

Within each tent, you'll find an array of in-room amenities, including plush beds with quality bedding, a private bathroom featuring a hot/cold shower and complimentary toiletries, fresh towels, a hairdryer, reliable electricity, charging ports, and tasteful Berber-style decor, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious stay.

Additionally, our on-site restaurant showcases a culinary experience featuring local dishes prepared with flavor and quality ingredients sourced from nearby fresh markets. Available for both breakfast and dinner, our chef curates a menu that reflects the rich gastronomic traditions of the region.

Moreover, our dedicated concierge service is at your disposal to assist in planning special occasions, arranging romantic dinners, or booking exciting excursions, ensuring a truly personalized and memorable stay at our luxury desert camp.

What makes your desert camp a luxury experience?


Our packages include a dromedary trekking experience to the camp, guided by a local expert with an in-depth knowledge of the desert landscape. Upon your arrival at the parking lot, our guides will extend a warm welcome to you and your companions as listed in your reservation. Subsequently, they will provide detailed instructions and elucidate the itinerary. Throughout the approximately 40-minute journey to the camp, our guides are available for any question, and they are more than willing to capture memorable moments on camera, just kindly ask them.


In addition to dromedary trekking, our variety of desert activities, such as MotoQuad excursions, sandboarding, and dune bashing, along with guided 4x4 SUV tours around the desert, can be arranged upon request for an additional cost. For further details or to request a quote, please feel free to send us a message with the keyword/desert activities.

What desert activities are included in the camp package?


To secure a reservation at our luxury camp, we recommend reaching out to us via email. This allows us to work closely with you to tailor the details of your package, accommodate specific scheduling preferences, and address any questions or concerns you may have. Our dedicated team is committed to providing personalized assistance, ensuring that your stay with us exceeds expectations. Please feel free to contact us at Attn: Moha Aabou, to initiate the booking process and receive the utmost attention to your requirements.

How can I book a stay at your luxury camp?


While we encourage disconnecting to fully immerse in the desert experience, limited Wi-Fi is available in designated areas for your convenience.

Is there Wi-Fi available in the desert camp?


Certainly! Feel free to reach out to our events team for tailored arrangements, whether you desire an enchanting dinner beneath the stars or are planning a special celebration. Our concierge services are also available to assist you in planning a romantic dinner, orchestrating special occasions, or facilitating reservations for exciting excursions.

Can you arrange special celebrations or events at the camp?


Transportation services are available from any city in Morocco or airport. For inquiries regarding pricing and availability, please feel free to contact us to request a quote. We are at your disposal to provide detailed information and assist with your transportation needs.

How do I get to the desert camp from the nearest city?


The fall and spring months offer mild temperatures. However, our camp operates year-round, providing a unique experience in each season.

What is the best time to visit the desert for a camp experience?


Comfortable clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a camera are essential. We provide a comprehensive packing list upon booking.

What should I pack for my stay at the desert camp?


Yes, meals are included (breakfast & dinner). Enjoy a blend of local cuisines prepared by our skilled chefs, ensuring a delightful dining experience.

Are meals included in the package, and what kind of cuisine is offered?


Yes, we cater to dietary restrictions and preferences. Please inform us in advance, and our chefs will ensure your meals meet your requirements.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions or preferences?

Get in Touch

Ready to embark on a worry-free desert adventure? Drop us a message with your questions, and let's make your stay extraordinary!

We understand that choosing the perfect desert getaway involves careful consideration. After exploring our detailed Q&A section, if you still have questions or concerns lingering in your mind, we're here to help!

Feel free to submit your inquiries, and our dedicated team will promptly address any concerns you may have. Your comfort and peace of mind are our top priorities.

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